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Bombardier Transportation Spain

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Postal address Headquarters in Spain::
Caléndula 93 - Miniparc III Edificio K
E-28109 Soto de la Moraleja. Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 658 55 00 Fax +34 91 650 75 18 Web
Other addresses
Postal address Propulsion and Control:
Fábrica de Trápaga

Barrio de Trápaga, s/n E-48510 Vizcaya. Spain

Telephone +34 94 486 91 00 Fax +34 94 486 91 17
Postal address Rail Control Solutions:
Edificio Louis Pasteur - Avd. del Juncal, 22-24 – 4ª Pl.
E-28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes. Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 657 91 00 Fax +34 91 657 92 13 / +34 91 657 92 40
Postal address Services:
Caléndula 93 -Miniparc III Edificio K - 1ª Pl.
E-28109 Soto de la Moraleja. Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 658 55 00 Fax +34 91 650 75 18
Postal address BTren Railway Maintenance SA:
(Sociedad anónima establecida con RENFE para las actividades de mantenimiento)
Caléndula 93 - Miniparc III Edificio K – planta baja
E-28109 Soto de la Moraleja. Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 658 54 93 Fax +34 91 650 94 79
Postal address Systems:
Aeropuerto Madrid-Barajas T-4 Buzón 4145
E–28042 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 746 61 53 Fax +34 91 746 61 57
Company data

Bombardier European Holdings, S.L.U.
Bombardier European Investment, S.L.U.

Management team

President: Óscar Vázquez. Propulsion and Control (Trápaga): General Manager: Diego García Rodríguez. Rail Control Solutions (San Sebastian de los Reyes): Sales Director and General Headquarters in Spain Director: David Torres. Systems: Director of Operations and Maintenance APM Barajas: Luis García Casares. Maintenance Services (Alcobendas): General Director: Javier Tamayo. BTren Railway Maintenance: General Manager: Francisco Bonache. Sales Director: Jon Ander Vegas. Human Resources Director: Raúl Presol. Finance Director: Juan María Lassaletta. Business Development and Communication Director: Javier Hinojal.

Board of Directors: Óscar Vázquez, Andreas Lueben, Marta Alonso

Main products and services

Design and manufacture of diesel and electric locomotives. Passengers: High-speed trains, Intercities, Regional, suburban and Meters. Light Rail Division: Light Metros and Trams. Systems: Complete systems (Automated People Mover Systems). Propulsion and Control: Design, supply, and commissioning of propulsion and control systems for all types of rail vehicles. Services and Maintenance: Materials and Logistics, vehicle Maintenance Service, repair of electrical and electronic components, modernization of locomotives and trains, repair and modernization of traction motors. Sales service, with engineering and specialized personnel, leading to the place indicated by the customer. Signalling: Engineering, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of advanced signalling railway systems, and rail traffic management, including CBTC and ERTMS technology. The projects are a turnkey basis and offer after-sales service assistance.


Top products: ROLLING STOCK: 1. MOVIA metros – flexible solutions for growing cities SIGNALLING: 2. CITYFLO 650 – CBTC for driverless automated transit systems


Activity Design, manufacture, and sale of railway vehicles and propulsion and traction control systems (diesel and electric). Rail services, maintenance, and modernization of rolling stock. Design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of security systems, signalling, and railway traffic control.

Activities by year

Activities in 2019:

Propulsion and Control:

Manufacture and supply of propulsion equipment based on the TRAXX platform for locomotives, both Multi-System and direct and alternating current (TX Logistic AG, AKIEM, GTS, Captrain, DB, Medway, Railpool, RegioJet, Israel, etc.), as well as for the new locomotives ALP-45DPT4, diesel-electric, for New Jersey and those for the modernization of locomotives for LKAB IORE in Kiruna (Sweden).

Technical coordination, manufacturing, supply, and support to the guarantee of the traction converters and auxiliary converters of the electric multiple units of the OMNEO platform (for France).

Maintenance and support for the guarantee for the Haramain high-speed train project during the limited commercial service that is currently being provided. A project developed in collaboration with Talgo.

Supply of the propulsion equipment for 14 additional trains on the V300 Zefiro platform, manufactured in collaboration with Hitachi Rail Italy. Approval of the Zefiro high-speed train units for operation in France.

Design and development of the solutions to be implemented in the propulsion systems to adapt the V300 Zefiro platform for its homologation on the Spanish high-speed network, facing the entrance of ILSA / Trenitalia in the operation of the AVE in Spain.

Technical assistance during the guarantee phase of the transformation project of 12 train units S3000 S1 series of Madrid Metro from monotension (1500V) to bitension (1500V / 600V).

Technical assistance during the guarantee phase of the Line B Metro Roma project, in collaboration with CAF.

Participation in the design of the traction and auxiliary converters of the electric multiple units of the Talent 3 platform (for ÖBB Austria and STA Italy). Manufacture and supply of said traction converters and control boxes of the transformer for a total of 46 regional trains to which Bombardier will supply the propulsion equipment.

Design, development, manufacture, and supply of the propulsion system of the 115 Series units for FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya), including the Engineering, Operations and Project Management activities. A project developed in collaboration with Stadler.

Manufacture and supply of traction converters and auxiliary converters of the electric multiple units of the NAT platform for France. Trápaga will supply the propulsion equipment for a total of 106 trains of the 360 ​​ordered to date and operating in the Île de France region.

Manufacture and supply of traction converters and control boxes for brake resistors for 158 trams of the Flexity LRV platform (for Brussels and Zurich).


Oriented almost entirely to foreign markets; basically for Europe.

Rail Control Solutions:

Urban Signaling solutions (CITYFLO):

CITYFLO 350. Rail control project in Ecuador for line 1 of the Metro de Quito (project management, engineering, installation and testing, and commissioning).

Signalling system for Metro Lima extension- Onboard system EBICAB 800 for 20 new trains.

CITYFLO 650 (CBTC) projects in Turkey:

Commercial operation:  M5 (Üsküdar–Çekmeköy)

     M7 (Kabataº–Mahmutbey) 

     M8 (Bostanci- Dudullu)

Signalling solutions for High Speed, mid-distance lines and commuter (INTERFLO):

INTERFLO 200 (Electronic Interlockings). Several projects in execution within Spain. Main projects ongoing are:

Stretch from Almussafes to Castellón

Stretch from Tarragona to Castellbisbal

Stretch from Gavá to Castelldefels

INTERFLO 250 (ERTMS Level 1) in delivery for the lines:

Tanger-Kenitra-Casablanca in Morocco for ONCF. One of the essential tracks of the country.

Stretch from Almussafes to Vandellós

ERTMS Level 1 Valencia-Castellón

INTERFLO 450 (ERTMS Level 2) in delivery for the lines:

ADIF HSL Valladolid-León-Burgos

ADIF HSL Extremadura

ADIF Commuter Barcelona Line R1

Maintenance Solutions for Signalling (OPTIFLO):

For: Adif, IP, REFER, Metro of Madrid, Metro of Barcelona, Metro do Porto, Metro of Bilbao, Metro of Sevilla, ONCF (Morocco), EFE (Chile).

Services and Maintenance:

Bombardier Transportation through BTren (joint venture w/RENFE), continues performing fleet maintenance services for part of S253 locomotives fleet and High Speed (S102, S112, and S130 / 730 trains), in consortium with TALGO, as well as S470 Regional EMUs and S446 Commuter EMUs (In consortium w/ACTREN). These maintenance activities are carried out in the Renfe workshops of Los Prados (Malaga), Santa Catalina (Madrid), Fuencarral (Madrid), Vicálvaro (Madrid), Humanes (Madrid), Can Tunis (Barcelona) and San Andrés Condal (Barcelona).

Bombardier Transportation is also responsible for the supply of equipment for the measurement of energy consumption (EMS - Energy Management System). This equipment, together with the efficient driving system BEDS (Bombardier Efficient Driving System), makes it possible to achieve average savings in energy consumption well above 10%. Bombardier has developed and delivered Energy Management Systems (EMS) for 380 OMNEO vehicles (France), more than 400 AVENTRA vehicles (United Kingdom), 90 M7 vehicles (Belgium) and 90 High-Speed trains for RENFE (Spain).

Bombardier Transportation, in Spain, provides services for repair, overhaul, supply and component logistics for leading railway operators (RENFE, FGC, FGV, Bilbao Metro, Metro of Madrid, Metro de Barcelona ...), and other clients such as SNCF (France).


Continuity of the seventh year of the ten years contract, for Operation and Maintenance of APM in Madrid Airport.

Continuity of the Technical Assistance Service from Madrid APM Group, to other APM´s of the Group.

Areas Spain and the rest of the World
Certifications Quality, Environment and Security/Health: Quality assurance certification: ISO 9001:2015. Certification of environmental protection: ISO 14001 Certification Occupational Health and Safety: OHSAS 18001 Rail Quality Management System Certification (Propulsion and Control): ISO TS 22163. In 2017 all systems were re-certified. Firstly, the quality system was certified on the IRIS standard (International Railway Industry Standard) including in its scope Signalling, and implicitly on ISO 9001:2008. In the same year, the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety integrated system was also re-certified on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards respectively. The Trápaga Factory of Bombardier European Holdings S.L.U. is registered, since March 2014, in the Register of the Community Environmental Management and Audits System (EMAS), European Regulation 1221/2009, with registration number ES-EU-000079.

Activities Components, Mechanical construction, Electrification, Electronic traction, Rolling stock and traction equipment, Maintenance.
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