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COMSA Corporación

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Postal address MADRID
Julián Camarillo, 6A- 2ª planta
E-28037 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 353 21 20 Web
Other addresses
Postal address CATALONIA
Edificio Numancia 1 - Viriat, 47
E-08014 Barcelona. Spain

Telephone +34 93 366 21 00
Postal address Otras direcciones de la actividad ferroviaria en España

COMSA y COMSA Industrial
Avda. Roma, 25
E-08029 Barcelona. Spain

Telephone Tel.: +34 93 274 90 07
Postal address Nortúnel
Gran Vía 53 – 3º Dcha. E-48011 Bilbao. Spain

Telephone +34 944 24 08 35
Postal address Travipos
Polígono Industrial de Constantí Irlanda, s/n – Sector Norte E-43120 Constantí. Tarragona. Spain

Telephone +34 977 29 65 53
Postal address Ubladesa
Luchana, 30 - 5º D
E-28010 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 447 54 87
Postal address Cantera “Las Herrerías”
Ctra. De Bolaños a Moral de Calatrava, Km 1,5
Apartado de Correos 7
E-13260 Bolaños de Calatrava. Ciudad Real. Spain

Telephone +34 926 69 31 32
Postal address GMF, Railway Maintenance Services
Polígono Industrial de Constantí
Irlanda, Isla 22, parcela 10-12
E-43120 Constantí, Tarragona. Spain

Telephone +34 977 52 45 88
Postal address Etileno, 9 - Polígono Industrial San Cristóbal
E-47012 Valladolid. Spain

Telephone +34 983 52 82 94
Postal address COMSA Machinery
Julián Camarillo, 6A - 2ª planta
E-28037 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 353 21 20
Company data
Main products and services

COMSA Corporación companies specialize in the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure and superstructure (for conventional rail, high-speed rail, tramways, metros and regional rail); engineering, installation and maintenance of overhead contact lines and AC and DC traction substations; engineering, design, development, installation and maintenance of railway safety and communication systems and network management systems and control centres; railway traction; manufacture and supply of ballast; construction of concrete sleepers for main track and sidings, as well as construction for civil engineering and building works; engineering projects and construction management. COMSA Corporación is also present in the field of railway concessions, full maintenance of railway vehicles as well as the renting of high-tech machinery.


Top products: INFRAESTRUCTURE: 1. Construction of the Lugaritz-Miraconcha section of the Donosti Metro (Spain). ELECTRIFICATION: 2. Electrification of the Antequera – Granada section of the high-speed line between Madrid and Granada (Spain). TRACK: 3. Construction of the railway line between Gradec and Sveti Ivan Zabno (Croatia). MAINTENANCE: 4.Renewal of the railway line between the Taxqueña terminal and the Estadio Azteca station (Mexico)


Activity Complete railway service. COMSA Corporación covers all areas of construction, railway line maintenance, railway electrification, railway control and communication systems.

Activities by year

Railway activities in 2019:

Spain: With 125 years of history, COMSA Corporación is a specialist in turnkey railway projects covering the fields of construction, installations and systems, as well as maintenance of high-speed lines, tramways, and metropolitan and regional railways. In the high-speed sector, it has been involved in the development of all Spanish lines. In 2019, the group started the construction of a section of the Mediterranean Corridor between Murcia and Almería, the construction of sector 3 of the Mondragón, Elorrio and Bergara branch lines of the Basque Y, as well as maintenance of the Madrid-Sur lines. Likewise, its engineering business executed the construction work project for the overhead electric contact line facilities and associated systems of the Plasencia - Peñas Blancas split section for the Madrid-Extremadura high-speed line and the Antequera-Granada section of the Madrid-Granada high speed line.

Regarding its activities on conventional lines, the group has carried out the extension of the burying of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan rail network) in Sabadell (Barcelona), the maintenance of catenary, substations, traffic control and remote control of energy on the Medina del Campo (Valladolid)-Fuentes de Oñoro (Salamanca) line and the construction of the electric traction substations, auto-transformation centres and overhead high voltage lines in the Cariñena and Villafranca areas of the Zaragoza-Teruel-Sagunto railway line.

In the field of underground systems, COMSA Corporación has taken on the construction of the Lugaritz-Miraconcha section of the San Sebastián Metro underground network (Guipúzcoa) and maintains its presence in those of Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Málaga and Bilbao with contracts for the conditioning and adaptation of infrastructures, electrical installations and systems. In addition, the company has executed the structural consolidation works of the Méndez Álvaro station (Madrid) and the expansion of the Vitoria tramway depot.

Furthermore, its concessions area is still operating the Málaga Metro, which in 2019 reached 6.9 million passengers, the Murcia Tram and the Barcelona Tram.

Europe: Backed by its high level of specialisation and its century-old experience, COMSA Corporación has made a firm commitment to markets with high opportunities for the development of new infrastructures and the modernisation of existing ones. To this end, the tramway in the city of Odense (Denmark) is still under construction and the railway line between Gradec and Sveti Ivan Zabno (Croatia), located 40 kilometres from the country's capital, Zagreb, has been completed.

In Poland, among the most emblematic contracts, it highlights the upgrading of line 406 between Szczecin Glowny and Police and the modernisation of track systems, associated infrastructure and stations in the Poznan Glowny and Rokietnica sector of the E59.

Finally, in Portugal, it is carrying out the electrification of the line between Viana do Castelo and Valença Fronteira, and the track and catenary maintenance in the north of the country.

Latin America: Last year, COMSA Corporación also strengthened its railway business in Latin America. In 2019, the company expanded its contract portfolio in Mexico through the construction of a double-track section for the Veracruz Port and the maintenance of the light train track in Tasquena-Estadio Azteca section. In Brazil, the second phase of line 4 of the São Paulo Metro is underway, as well as a 10-kilometre stretch of track, also in São Paulo, for the company, Rumo Malha Norte.

In Argentina, COMSA is continuing with the recovery of the track for Belgrano Cargas between Los Frentones and Pampa del Infierno in the Chaco region, as well as the renovation of 11 kilometres of double track on the Belgrano Sur line in the province of Buenos Aires. In Uruguay, it is refurbishing a 327-kilometre stretch between Piedra Sola and Salto Grande.


Areas Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay.

Certifications Quality, Environmental Management and RDI:
Quality: Certification to ISO 9001, covering all activities in which it operates, among them, the maintenance of high-speed track and switch gear.
Environmental Management: Certification to ISO 14001, issued and covering all activities in which it operates. Approved as an ADIF supplier in all subsectors in which it operates. It has recently achieved the certification to ISO 50001 of energy management. At international level, it also holds the certifications LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) and has been recognized in sustainability indices such as Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
R&D:RDI Management System Certification, covering all activities in which it operates.
ORP: Certification to OHSAS 18001, covering all activities in which it operates. In 2013 COMSA Corporación achieved international certification of its Occupational Health and Safety Management System in accordance with OHSAS 18001 for its Infrastructure business in Argentina, Mexico, Peru and Portugal; and for its Engineering business in Mexico and Portugal

Turnover 2019: COMSA Corporación: 777 million Euros
No. of employees 2019: 5,094 people
Activities Infraestructure, Electrification, Maintenance, Others, Telecommunication.
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