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Postal address Polig. Ind. Salelles - Mestre Alapont s/n
E-08253 San Salvador de Guardiola. Barcelona. Spain
Telephone +34 93 835 29 00 Fax +34 93 835 41 19 Web
Company data
Management team

Managing Director: Frederic Solé. R + D: Jordi Pujol. Railway Area Manager: Jonathan Fenoy. New Products Development, Railway Sector: Polis Karatzas. Systems: Joan Enrich. Quality mgr: Josep Soler. Purchasing mgr: Eduardo Ruiz


Main products and services

Masats designs and produces accessibility systems for the access to all kind of public transport vehicle, both road and rail.

Sliding plug doors, Access ramps, steps. 

Platform Screen Doors (PSD) and Platform gap fillers



Top products: COMPONENTS: 1. Sliding-plug door.  2. Contactless Step -Ramp RF2+




Activity Masats designs and produces accessibility systems for public transport, and Platform Safety systems (PSD)

Activities by year

Activities in 2019: PROJECTS IN 2019:

- Detrainment door for Lima and Miami metro 

- Accces ramp for Amsterdam

- Step Ramp for Boston

- Sliding plug door for Stuttgart

- Cabin door NS

Areas Worldwide

Certifications Quality and Environment:
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001
EN 15085
EN-ISO 3834-2
DIN 6701

Turnover 2019: 48 million Euros
No. of employees 340
Activities Components, Auxiliary electric equipment, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Others.
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