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Postal address Calidad, 66
Polígono Industrial “Los Olivos”
E-28906 Getafe. Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 665 26 26   Fax +34 91 665 23 24   E-mail Web  
Company data
Management team

President: Damián Redondo. Manager Director: Sylvain Leon. Railway Division Manager: Javier Bravo. Quality Manager: Aida Testillano.

Activity Engineering and development of Hardware and Software Systems Electronics, Power Electronics and Telecommunications. Manufacturing and maintenance of developed systems.

Main products and services

ACTIA offers an extensive set of on-board applications, both at HW and SW levels. The ACTIA group develops, manufactures and maintains technological solutions customized to the needs of the railway sector, such as systems or platforms of:

Traveler Information.
Collective entertainment and / or on demand.
Video surveillance.
Retrovision system.
Train-ground communications.

ACTIA products are developed to meet the standards and specifications of the rail sector.

Traveler Information Systems. The traveler information systems (PIS PAS PA) offer solutions and modulable and scalable architectures, adapting these to the type of train and the needs of commercial exploitation. Some of the most representative teams in this area are:

- Public address system: Developed to comply with the Ethernet communication standards, scalable, to make them compatible with the service needs and train architecture. Being able to mount up to four individual amplifiers, different communication buses "ETHERNET-RS485-CAN-IBIS-MVB" and / or mode 4G / LTE with support for SIM, for communications with telephony networks.
- LED Displays: Development and manufacture of front, side and interior displays, with customized solutions at a mechanical level, making this compatible with the interior design of the train and developing specific matrices to meet client requirements (resolution or type of LEDs "Mono color , RGB, White).
- TFT Monitors: Development and manufacture of TFT monitors with sizes ranging from 8 "to 55" in format (4: 3, 16: 9, Super Wide) and different resolutions (1,024 * 768, 1,920 * 1,080, 3,840 * 2.160). Where are integrated traveler information services, entertainment services, advertising services.
- Room / Emergency intercoms: Development and manufacture of IP voice intercoms, with / without Daisy chain, with / without pushbutton, with / without PoE power. Anti vandalism design.
- Voice-over position: Rugerized, anti-vandalism, with configurable buttons
- IHM: Development and manufacture of IHM with touch screen (capacitive) of different sizes (9 ", 10.4" and 15.4 ").

Collective entertainment and / or on demand. The ACTIA entertainment systems offer solutions both collectively and individually. The collective entertainment gives the unit a set of solutions that allow programming common contents for all train users. Entertainment on demand allows each client / user of the train to have access to a catalog of films, music, etc., which they will manage in a unique and individual way. Some of the most representative teams in this area are:

- Room (collective) or armchair (individual) monitors: Development and manufacture of collective TFT screens with sizes ranging from 15.4" to 42" in format (4: 3 and 16: 9) and different resolutions ( 1,024 * 768, 1,920 * 1,080, 3,840 * 2,160). Development and manufacture of screens for seats (individual) in format (4: 3 and 16: 9), with different solutions and mechanical developments to adapt the needs of integration with armchair, with Ethernet communication, possibility of Wi-Fi communication and possibility of PoE power.
- Audio in armchair: Development and manufacture of audio system in armchair, where the user can select through a keyboard and listen using a few headphones of the different audio channels (10 channels) transmitted through the Ethernet network.
- VOD Platform: Development and manufacture of a content management platform (Movies, Music, Press, Information) where the user has access to the contents of the platform using or individual monitors (if any) or its completion (telephone, Tablet, PC) personal.

Video surveillance. The CCTV systems allow to record the activity of the interior of the train (audio and video) associating these records with events in the form of metadata (stops, alarms, geographical position data, speed records, etc ...). Some of the most representative teams in this area are:
- Video cameras: In different formats and models, with interchangeable optics (from 2 mm to 8mm) with HD and FULL HD resolutions.
- CCTV Recorder: Developed to meet the standards of the railway sector, scalable to provide it with the storage capacity required by the project (from 500 Gb to 24 Trb)
- Black Box: Video, audio or data recorder. Developed in compliance with the standards of EN 50155 and IEEE 1482.1

Retrovision system. The retrovision systems allow to visualize the external activity of the train and associating this system with the video surveillance we can also record this activity. Some of the most representative teams in this area are:

- Retrovision cameras: Different developments and mechanical configurations, all of them fulfilling the necessary requirements to be installed on the outside of the vehicle.
- Rear view screen: Development and manufacture of rear-view screen in different sizes (9 ", 10.4" and 12.4 ").

Train-Earth communication. ACTIA develops various HW and SW solutions for Train-Earth communication systems, using Wi-Fi or cellular solutions as a means of communication and / or integrating with the train´s radio. Also integrating SIP solutions or different communication protocols in the room intercoms.

Top projects: 
- Tren Maya - Mexico's long-distance train in partnership with the State of Mexico.
- TW20 - New trams for the T1 line in Île-de-France.


Top product: AUXILIARY ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT: 2x42'' dynamic line map.


Activities by year

Activities between 2014 - 2023:

Consolidation of design, development and implement platforms passengers Information, Entertainment, Video surveillance, and Communications over IP architectures.
During 2014 - 2023 the projects and highlights for ACTIA platform integration contracts have been:

- Tram Tallinn    
- Tram Freiburg
- Tram Budapest
- Sydney Tramway
- Metro Chile
- Metro Chile NS-74
- Kazakhstan
- Tram Sheffield
- Metro Istanbul
- Tram Cagliari
- Tram Utrecht
- Tram Saint Etienne
- Tram Luxembourg
- Paris Metro.
- Platform Xo5 (New Citadis)
- Remodeling 6 Series
- Tram Canberra
- Tram Newcastle
- Tram Amsterdam
- Metro Bruselas
- Project RERng
- Tram Lijn
- Tram de Vitoria
- Tram de Mauritius
- Metro Amsterdam
- Tram Lund
- Tram Atenas
- Tram Frankfurt
- Tram Oslo
- Project SISVE RATP
- Metro Barcelona
- Tram Birmingham
- Tram Liege
- Tram Parramatta
- Tram Lieja
- Tram Birmingham
- Egipto
- Tram Jerusalem 
- Tram Angers 
- MF19
- Tram Casablanca
- CPTM L8 & L9 
- Tren Maya 
- Renfe Gran Capacidad
- Sídney Enlargement  
- Tramway Tel Aviv 
- Tramway Budapest extension 
- Tramway Antwerp
- Tramway Paris – TW20
- Canberra II


Areas The ACTIA group has a global presence with offices and permanent offices of the group in Germany, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Holland, India, Italy, Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden, Tunisia, USA, Japan.

Certifications Quality and Environment: ISO 9001:2015
Information Security Management System Certificate: ISO 27001.
Certificate of Conformity of Production (COP) - Obtained in 2014 (4th renewal).
SME Innovation Seal on: Passenger Information Train Platform.

Turnover (ACTIA Group) 476.5 million Euros.
R&D Investment (ACTIA Group) 15% of turnover.
Activities Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Others, Telecommunication.
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