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Postal address Pº de la Habana, 138
E-28036 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 452 12 00 Fax +34 91 452 13 00 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

President: Carmen Librero. National Business General Director: Casimiro Iglesias. International Business General Director: Ignacio Fernández-Cuenca. Engineering and Consultancy General Director: Ana Rojo. Organization and Corporate Services General Director: Eva Pulido. President’s Office: Celestino Rodriguez. Strategy and Management Control Director: Daniel Latorre. Legal and Compliance Director: Carlos Moro

Main products and services

Ineco is a reference point in transport engineering and consultancy. For 50 years, it has been developing comprehensive, innovative and technological solutions which have allowed to advance towards a new model of mobility, more sustainable and safer. Ineco´s solutions directly contribute to improving the quality of life of millions of people.

In terms of railways sector: Ineco plays an active role in the development of the Spanish national high-speed rail network. We have been present in all stages of the projects, in addition to being involved in the renovation and expansion of the long-distance and intercity network, the implementation of metropolitan lines, local train, trams, light rail, new passenger stations, hubs in metropolitan areas, freight terminals, rail-port links and dry docks, along with additional pieces of infrastructure. This experience has given Ineco the chance to work on five continents and to position itself as a leading company abroad, witness its international projects, which include the high-speed rail link between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, participation in Rail Baltica, the first high-speed link in the middle east (Turkey) which joins Istanbul to Ankara, HS2: high-speed in the UK, high-speed line connecting New Delhi to Kolkata, the integration of new railway systems for Sydney Trains, the suburban Buenavista-Cuautitlán rail link in Mexico City, the CPTM lines in São Paolo, monitoring of the production and implementation of rolling stock in Spain and Latin America, coordination and oversight of the deployment of the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) in new rail corridors that traverse the Member States of the European Union.



Top product: ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING: 1. Rail Baltica. 2. Integration of new railway systems for Sydney Trains



Activity Infrastructure engineering and consultancy, specialised in transport.


Innovation in 2019: At Ineco, innovation is understood as a key factor of differentiation and a driving force for change. This is why the company continues to make efforts in this area, with the aim of being able to transform good ideas into new developments that contribute to safer, more sustainable and connected mobility for all.

Collaborative projects: work in which Ineco participates in coordination with other companies to achieve a common goal.

- INFRADAPT (2017-2019)

Project belonging to the call Innterconecta of CDTI, within the Feder Innterconecta Andalucía 2016 Program. The project has developed the BIM modeling of existing linear infrastructures from mobile mapping data to facilitate their maintenance in operation. Ineco is part of a consortium that also includes AZVI, Ferrovial, CEMOSA and Ingeniería InSitu.

HORIZON 2020 Program

- ERSAT GGC (2017-2020)

ERSAT GGC is a project belonging to the Horizon 2020 programme which continues on the line of research that involves the application of satellite positioning technologies to rail transport. In this case, using the Galileo constellation, our work will focus on the characterisation of existing railway lines to assess their suitability for the use of ERTMS virtual beacons.


Shift2Rail is the European Commission´s programme dedicated to innovation within the railway sector. Ineco participates in it through its Open Calls, of which it has been awarded as part of several consortiums.

- VITE - Virtualisation of the Testing Environment (2016-2019)

Ineco is leader of this project, which is aimed at transferring to the laboratory (virtualisation) part of the tests performed on the ERTMS system. To this end, the project has three objectives: define a testing framework, including optimization of protocols; define, develop and demonstrate the necessary laboratory architecture to achieve the main objective of reducing the costs of testing in real environments; and validate the proposed methodology and ensure that it complies with the European process for commissioning signalling components and subsystems.

- Gate4Rail (2018-2020)

Gate4Rail complements the work done in ERSAT GGC by federating the virtual testing of ERTMS among several laboratories, so that testing times and needs are reduced. The project defines the architecture and the necessary test protocols.

Internal projects: Since 2011, Ineco has continued to invest in its own projects for the development of high value-added products and services. Some major projects developed in 2019 are:

BIM Team

Development of an open source web platform that integrates and centralizes all the information contained in the .ifc standards (common standard for data exchange), and that is applicable to any stage within the life cycle of BIM projects. This web platform offers the possibility of working with information from different sources, which represents a novelty and an improvement over the systems available today.

Tunnel Blast Wave

Study of the propagation of the blast wave in the event of an explosion (accidental or intentional) in suburban transport network tunnels and its effect on all infrastructures close to the point of the explosion, in order to minimise the negative effects of the explosion as far as possible.

Methodological Guide for Cybersecurity Annex in Signalling Projects

Preparation of a Methodological Guide to systematically develop the cyber-security protection design of a new command and control system within the railway environment.


In the 2017 innovation call, an ORAT (Operational Readiness and Transition) methodology was developed specifically for railway stations based on Ineco´s extensive experience in this type of methodology applied to airports. In 2019, a real pilot project was carried out which consisted of applying this ORAT methodology to the start-up of Penn Station (New York, USA). This provides the railway infrastructure manager (station and track) and the operators with a tool to ensure that the new railway infrastructure works in accordance with the best practices and standards in the world.

Analysis of alternative ERTMS data applications

Theoretical and functional analysis of ERTMS data, defining cases based on the use of the information obtained with this signalling system. The aim is to make use of the huge amount of data stored by the ERTMS system and to exploit its full potential. As part of the project, a catalogue of standardized data and automatic methods that can be used for data collection has been developed.

Indoor positioning in transport terminals

Web platform that will integrate different positioning technologies and their elements so that it can be adapted and scalable to the client´s needs. Thanks to the web platform, it will be possible to cover all types of application cases both for the traveller and for maintenance work for operators, etc. This platform will be able to generate heat maps, asset management, people guidance, geo-marketing, etc.

BIM in linear infrastructures

The project defines and develops BIM standards in the digitalization of linear infrastructures. Possible incidents and potential automatisms have been considered.

Areas Around the world.

Certifications Certificates and accreditations: Environment, health & safety, quality
Ineco has a management system certified by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH, in accordance with international standards:
ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System, with number 01 100 1716925.
ISO 14001:2015, Environmental Management System, with number 01 104 1716925.
ISO 45001:2018, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, with certificate number 01 113 1716925

The three certificates are valid until September 2020. All three have common scope and cover all of Ineco´s activities in Spain and the rest of the world;

Provision of services and execution of consultancy studies, engineering projects, technical assistance and works management and installations, the planning, maintenance and management of infrastructures, superstructures, transport equipment and services, as well as the provision of identical services in relation to infrastructures of a social nature.
Provision of comprehensive consultancy services, management, monitoring, supervision and administration of the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of transport infrastructures.

They are multi-location in nature with a main certificate and specific sub-certificates for the following countries: Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Singapore, Israel, Unkited Kindom, Turkey or Costa Rica.

Information Security / Cybersecurity
As of February 2020, Ineco has an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certified by TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013, with certificate number 01 153 1916958 and an initial scope that includes the provision of the backup and recovery service for information handled by Ineco.

In addition, as of November 2018, Ineco has a certificate of compliance with the essential requirements scheme for cyber security in the United Kingdom, Cyber Essentials-UK, with certificate number 8013247940222895.

Railway business area
In the railway area, Ineco is accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Agency) as an Inspection Entity (type C) for Railway Rolling Stock and Safety of Railway Applications, in accordance with the criteria set out in standard ISO/IEC 17020:2012 with number 76/EI058 and date of first issue in February 2003. This accreditation qualifies Ineco to carry out inspection activities in the industrial area for seven subsystems (Infrastructure, Energy, Rolling Stock, Command and Signal Control, Traffic Operation and Management, Maintenance and Safe Integration).

Products, services and projects
Supplier of railway products and services
As a supplier of railway products/services, the company is certified as a Link-Up Supplier, according to RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) requirements. This certificate, for the areas of systems engineering, signalling and telecommunications and civil engineering, includes the following products:

Heritage Automatic Train Protection (ATP) unit Design, Track Circuits (including Level Crossings) Design, Colour Light Signals Design, Banner Signals Design, Draw Ahead Signals Design, Ground Position Light Signals Design, Signal Lamps (including LEDs) & Lamp Holders Design, Signal Lenses Design, Points Indicators Design, Point Machines Design, SSI Design, Ansaldo Design, Signal Control Panel NX Design, VDU Based Systems Design, Train Describers (Electronic) Design, ATP Equipment Design, Telephone Exchanges (Including Switching Equipment) Design, Transmission Systems Design, Telecomm Cabling (Multiple Pair Copper) Design, Telecomm Cabling (Fibre) Design, Battery Back-up – Rectifier Design, Modem Services Design, Radio Systems Design, Wireless Services Design, Masts (Including Earthing & Lightening Protection) Design, CCTV DOO Systems Design, Hot Axle Box Detectors Design, Plain Line Design, Plain Line (Absolute Geometry) Design, Gauge Measurement (Discreet Restrictions) Design, Gauge Measurement (Tunnels) Design, Track on Longitudinal Timbers Design, Direct Fastening Track Systems (e.g. Slab Track/Viper) Design, Switches & Crossings Conventional Design, Switches & Crossings (Absolute Geometry) Design, Switches & Crossings (Modular Systems) Design, Track Drainage Design, Tunnels Design, Tunnel Linings Design, Tunnel Drainage Design, Track Support Concrete (Slab Track) Design, Foundations (Piled) Design, Foundations (Conventional) Design, Steel Frame Design, Concrete Frame Design, Timber Frame Design, Stairs Design, Transformers & Transformer Rectifiers Design, Batteries Design, U.P.S. Design, Main Steelwork Design, Small Part Steelwork Design, Support System Design, Wiring Design, Earthing & Bonding Design, Switching Design, Substations/Switching Stations Design, HV Cabling Design, Trackside Equipment Design, Substations/Switching Stations/Track Paralleling Huts Design, DC Cabling Design, Trackside Equipment Design, Traction SCADA Design, Non-Traction SCADA Design.
And the registration in the following products:
Signal Sighting Service, Development & Review of Signalling Standards Service, Civil Engineering Consultancy Service, Development & Review of Civil Engineering Standards Service, Highway Engineering Service, Absorptive Barriers Design, Reflective Barriers Design, Access Way & Steps Design, Concrete Fences Design, Timber Fences Design, Metal Fences Design, Plastic Fences Design, Boundary Gates Design, Level Crossing Stiles, Gates & Barriers Design, Safety Barriers & Restraints Design, Noise Barriers Design, Acoustic Linings Design, Track Consultancy Service, Development & Review of Track Standards Service, Level Crossing Ground Plans Service, Electrification Consultancy Service, Development & Review Electrification Standards Service, Operational Planning Service, Assessment of Infrastructure Options Service, Capacity Modelling Service, Network Optioneering Service, Peak Load Management Service, Rail Economics Service, Strategic Business Studies Service, Timetable Optioneering Service, Timetable Simulation Service, Train Performance Simulation Service, System Integration Design, General Environmental Consultancy Service, Clerk of Works Service, Programme Management Service, Project Planning Service.

Software Development CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)-Level 3.
In 2019, the software development methodology has been re-accredited at level 3 of the CMMI-DEV v1.3 model for the work carried out by the Information Technologies Sub-Directorate. The certificate has been granted, after the audit, by PROQUA (Process Quality Engineering), CMMI Institute Partner, initially in October 2016.

Activities Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Others.
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