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Postal address Avd. de Manotera, 6 - 2º
E-28050 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 308 93 35 Fax +34 91 531 16 20E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

Director: Maikel García Sánchez. Director of Communications: David Verea Gil. Director of Electricity: Maikel García Sánchez. Director of Renewable Energy: José Luis García Angulo. Director of Railways: Julio Bravo Pérez.


Main products and services

Energy: Networks of electric power transmission, electricity distribution networks, maintenance and work in tension on networks, substations in electric networks, Generation of distributed power, renewable energy, storage and pipes of fuel. Transport: Railway electrification, Infrastructure form railway signaling and communications, Infrastructure for air traffic control, Civil works in airports, Infrastructure for maritime traffic control, Lighting and networks in tunnels and highways. Communications: Telecommunication networks, Satellite stations, Centers of television and radio transmitters, Remote control, telecontrol and SCADA systems, Design structures, Special solutions. Environment: Removal of asbestos, energy efficiency, Irrigation systems and water distribution networks. Building: New buildings, Interior architecture, Industrial Plants, Demolitions and demolition. Factories: Factory of structures, Factory of remote units.


Top products: ELECTRIFICATION: 1. Installation Rigid Catenary and adequacy power system to 1.500 Vcc on line 4 for Madrid Subway. 2.  Execution of Works and Maintenance of traction substations and autotransformer centers associated with, for the section: Plasencia-Badajoz in the High Speed railway Madrid-Extremadura.



Activity in the Railway Area: Electrification and Traction Substations for AC and DC, Auxiliary Electrical Equipment, Engineering and Consulting, Maintenance of Catenary and Substations. Infrastructure for Railway Signaling and Communications

Activities by year

Activities in 2019/2020:

*Maintenance Contact overhead line and associated systems for the high speed transport lines Valladolid-León and Venta de Baños-Burgos.

*Installation Rigid Catenary and adequacy power system to 1.500 Vcc on line 4 for Madrid subway.

*Electrification, safety installations and telecommunications of Medina del Campo – Salamanca – Fuentes de Oñoro Line, in section Salamanca – Fuentes de Oñoro.

*New SS/EE traction in Parets del Vallés at the p.k. 20/285 of Barcelona-French border line.

*Execution of works and maintenance SS/EE traction and autotransformer centers associated with L.A.V. Antequera-Granada.

*Plan treatment L.A.C. in the field of Maintenance Management of Madrid Sur (Lote 1).

*Maintenance of the Madrid-Sevilla, Córdoba-Málaga and Sagra-Toledo; Madrid-Zaragoza-Barcelona-French border; Zaragoza-Tardienta and Vandellos-Tarragona; Madrid-Valencia and Albacete-Alicante Bifurcation; Madrid-Valladolid and Olmedo-Medina Ramal del Campo.

*Execution woks, preservation and maintenance of Catenary, Transformations Centers, Power Remote Control and Associated Systems for the North-Northeast Corridor of the High Speed Railway, in L.A.V Madrid – Galicia. Section Olmedo - Zamora - Pedralba de la Pradería.

*Rehabilitation of substations project for the section Astigarraga – Irún. Andoain, Gaintxurizketa and Irún Substations.

*Project and assembly for the electrification system of the rail network in Israel.


Innovations in 2019: Design and development of a new overhead contact line C-200, powered to 25 kV and versatile in their different sections.

Project Certificated by the Spanish Certification Agency of Innovation (ACIE).

Areas Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania), North Africa (Morocco), America (USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Uruguay), Middle East (Turkey, Israel), Asia (India)..

Certifications Certificate of Quality Management System ISO9001. Certificate of Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007. Certificate of Environmental Management System ISO14001. Accreditation for the realization of Electrical Inspections ISO17020. Classification of Contractors State Company for Works and Services. Approvals supplier site REPRO, Obralia.

Share capital (Total company): 5,250 thousand Euros
Turnover (Total company): 263.000 thousand euros
No. of employees (Total company): 1,321
Activities Electrification, Electronic traction, Auxiliary electric equipment, Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Telecommunication.
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