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CETREN - Asociación de Acción Ferroviaria

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Postal address Pº de la Castellana, 91 - Planta 10
E-28046 Madrid.. Spain

Contact information:
Telephone Certification / Inspection / Testing Laboratory: +34 91 264 83 30   Fax +34 91 264 83 29   E-mail

Telephone Training: +34 91 264 83 35   Fax +34 91 264 83 29   E-mail

Company data

Members of CETREN: Majority of companies in the sector, amongst which are companies of rolling stock, of infrastructure and civil works, signaling, engineering, and consulting and service providers in general.

Management team

Chairman and CEO: Alejandro Cisneros Müller.

Main products and services

Top product: TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, INSPECTION, TESTING LABORATORY: 1. Certification, independent safety assessment, testing laboratory and training. 2. Testing Laboratory.


Activities by year

ASSOCIATION: Promotion and defense of railways as a mode of transport, providing know-how, and spreading rail technology.

CERTIFICATION / INSPECTION (ISA-ASBO) / TESTING LABORATORY: Notified and Designated by the Spanish Government to certify Railway Interoperability by the Directive (UE) 2016/797 and Circular Resolutions 2/2017 and 2/2019 by the National Safety Agency; accredited by National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) as under UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17065. Independent Safety Assessor (ISA-ASBO): risk assessment (Commission Implementing Regulation (UE) 402/2013) and independent assessment of railway safety projects (UNE-EN 50126, UNE-EN 50128 and UNE-EN 50129), accredited by ENAC as under UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020. Testing Laboratory: Contrast testing, ground reflectance test, lighting test, STI-PA test and acoustic test.

STANDARDIZATION: It contributes to develop European railway standards as Technical Secretary of the Railway Technical Committee AEN/CTN 25, “Railway Applications”, of the Spanish Association for standardization, AENOR (UNE). Moreover, CETREN participates as a member in the following UNE standardization Committees: CTN 203/SC 9X Electrical and electronic applications for railways; CTN 203/SC 9XA Communication, signalling and processing systems; CTN 203/SC 9XB Electrical, electronic and electromechanical material on board rolling stock, including associated software; CTN 203/SC 9XC Electric supply and earthing systems for public transport equipment and ancillary apparatus (Fixed installations); CTN 222 Fuel cell technologies and CTN 181 Hydrogen technologies.

TRAINING: Imparts all standard railway training courses, as well as other non-standard training courses. Standard railway training: Train Driving License integrated Course, and Diploma to obtain Category B degree. Railway vehicle driving licenses. Courses to obtain and keep the certificates set in Order FOM 2872/2010 of 5 November and Order FOM 679/2015 of 9 April, which amends the former: Driving, Traffic, Infrastructure, Train Operations, Responsible for maintenance control of railway rolling stock, Responsible for Loading Operations, vehicle operator and Cabin Assistant. Non-standard railway training: courses for Rail Traffic and Safety personnel of Port Authorities, RAMS… It also offers Customized training services for companies in the railway sector.

Activities Training, certification, research, Others, Business associations.
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