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Postal address Metrica Ingeniería, S.L.
Ctra del Aeropuerto, 4 - Edifico San Lamberto, of. 02-12
E-50011 Zaragoza. Spain
Telephone +34 976 10 66 95 Fax +34 976 73 85 26 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

Management: José Manuel Gracia Gracia and Eliseo Vitaller Mainar.


Main products and services

Main engineering services:

- Complete design of the Car body for rail vehicles according to EN 12663:2000 regulations.

- Calculation: Finite Element Modeling of the car body, Static and fatigue load cases, instability and modal analysis according to EN 12663-1/2:2011, welded joint analysis according to DVS-1608 & DVS-1612, crash analysis according to EN 15227:2008, bolted joints analysis  according to VDI-2230, riveted joint analysis, gauge calculation and definition in compliance with standard UIC 505-1 and EN 15273-2:2013

- Front car cabin hood design and development: design and calculation of the resistant cell, fairings, accessories and supports.

- Complete interior design, including intermediate cars and driver´s cars.

- Complete design and development of mechanical installation (pneumatic, electric and hydraulic).

- Production lines design to industrialize the car body. 

- Railway vehicles refurbishment.


Top products: ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING: 1. Complete production line to industrialize car bodies for the new Metro Manila. 2. Chongqing Xin Gui monorail complete mechanical design


Activity Metrica is a mechanical engineering company specialized in the design and development of railway vehicles since 2004. We work actively with our customers in the engineering of any part of their rail vehicles, from the mechanical installations, interior design and car body, including the means of production for the industrialization of car bodies. We carry out all kinds of railway projects, from trams, metropolitan undergrounds, suburbans, monorails, cable cars, regional trains and high speed trains to transcontinental vehicles.

Activities by year

Activities in 2019/2020: Outstanding collaborations in the development of railway projects:

- Interior design: NIR-3, Chongqing Xin Gui Monorail, Seattle Tram

- Mechanical Installations: NIR-3, Chongqing Xin Gui Monorail, Seattle Tram

- Car body: NIR-3, Chongqing Xin Gui Monorail

- Tools and Production jigs: design, manufacturing and start up of the complete line for industrializing the new Metro Mexico.

- Refurbishment: Metro Medellin, Vossloh locomotive.



I+D+i: Tramway car mock-up scale 1:1 for the study of the ventilation system new disposition and CFD analysis for the results correlation.

Areas National – Spain and International expansion

Certifications IIn addition to being certified in Quality and Environment, Metrica has been certified in UNE-EN 15085-2 for welding of railway vehicles and components. Metrica´s head of the Interiors department is certified in Adhesive bonding of vehicles and railway components according to DIN 6701
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
UNE-EN 15085-2:2007, CL4 level
DIN 6701

Turnover 2.500.000,00 Euros
No. of employees 40
Activities Engineering and consulting, Others.
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