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CAF - Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A.

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Postal address Headquarters
José Miguel Iturrioz, 26
E-20200 Beasain. Guipúzcoa. Spain
Telephone +34 943 88 01 00 Fax +34 943 88 14 20 E-mail Web
Other addresses
Postal address  Madrid offices
José Ortega y Gasset, 29 - 5º
E-28006 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 436 60 00 Fax +34 91 436 03 96
Postal address Production plants in Spain

Beasain Factory
José Miguel Iturrioz, 26 - Apdo. de correos, 2
E-20200 Beasain. Guipúzcoa. Spain

Telephone +34 943 88 01 00 Fax +34 943 88 14 20
Postal address Zaragoza Factory
Avda. de Cataluña, 299 - Apdo. de correos, 5149
E-50014 Zaragoza. Spain

Fax +34 976 76 51 00 Fax +34 976 57 26 48
Postal address Irún Factory
Anaka, 13
E-20301 Irún. Guipúzcoa. Spain

Telephone +34 943 61 33 42 Fax +34 943 61 81 55
Postal address Castejón Factory
Trenes de Navarra, S.A.
Polígono Industrial, Parcela P1
E-31590 Castejón. Navarra. Spain

Telephone +34 948 81 45 96 Fax +34 948 81 45 91
Postal address CAF Digital & Design Solutions S.A.
Polígono Industrial Los Jarales, Sector 10, Cinturón Sur, Naves 1 y 2
E-23700 Linares Jaén. Spain

Telephone +34 953 64 02 00 Fax +34 953 64 02 01
Postal address Tradinsa
Tradinsa Industrial S.L.
Urbanizació Zona 2 - L´estació, 29
E-25123 Puigverd. Lérida. Spain

Telephone +34 902 90 85 43 Fax +34 973 77 07 00
Postal address International production plants:

Bagnères de Bigorre Factory, France
3 route de Labassère CS 20221
F-65202 Bagnères de Bigorre. France

Telephone +33 5 62 91 05 55 Fax +33 5 62 91 05 77
Postal address Newport Factory, UK
CAF Rolling Stock UK Ltd
1 Monks Ditch Drive/Rhodfa Ffos Y Mynach - Celtic Business Park
Newport NP19 4RH. UK

Postal address Elmira Factory, USA
300 East Eighteenth Street
14903 Elmira Heights. New York. USA

Telephone +00 1 607 732 5251Fax +00 1 607 737 3118E-mail
Postal address Hortolandia Factory, Brasil
Rua Ytamaraka, s/n - Gleba A - Bairro Boa Vista
CEP 13184-852 Hortolândia/SP. Brasil

Telephone +55 19 40 62 89 84
Postal address Huehuetoca Factory, Mexico
Barrio San Bartolo s/n - Línea de la Ciudad de México a Ciudad Juárez entre km A-45+601.60 y A-45+250.00
Huehuetoca. Estado de México. México

Company data
Management team

Executive Chairman: Andres Arizkorreta.

Main products and services

- Rolling stock: high-speed trains, regional and commuter trains, locomotives, metro units, LRVs, tramways and auxiliary vehicles.

- Hybrid and electric buses.

- Rolling stock maintenance and refurbishment, equipment of workshops and after-sales services.

- Signalling systems: ERTMS systems, electronic interlockings and integrated control centres.

- Traction equipment, energy storage systems and information and communication systems.

- Rolling gear: wheels, axles, wheelsets and gear-units.

- Engineering and systems integration in the transport systems field.




Activity CAF is one of the world leaders in the design and implementation of comprehensive transit systems. CAF provides comprehensive project and engineering management throughout all stages of the project including feasibility analysis and investigations, system design, civil work, signalling, electrification and other electromechanical systems, rolling stock supply and system operation and maintenance.
In terms of rolling stock, CAF supplies and maintains high speed trains, regional and commuter trains, locomotives, metro units, tramways and buses.

Activities by year




FRANCE – Supply of 28 Intercités regional trains for SNCF

ISRAEL – Supply of 114 Urbos tramways for Jerusalem

UNITED KINGDOM – Supply of 43 fully-automated metro units for Docklands Light Railway

NORWAY- Supply of 87 Urbos 100 trams for the city of Oslo

SWEDEN - Supply of 5 Urbos 100 trams for the city of Lund

SPAIN - Supply of 3 Urbos 100 trams for the city of Vitoria

NETHERLANDS - Supply of 30 Inneo metros for the city of Amsterdam

UK - Supply of 77 Civity UK diesel trains for Wales & Borders

UK - Supply of 26 Civity diesel trains for West Midlands

AUSTRALIA - Supply and maintenance of 13 Urbos trams for the city of Parramatta

NETHERLANDS - Supply of 88 Civity New Sprinter Generation electric trains for Netherlands Railways

BELGIUM - Supply and maintenance of 20 Urbos 100 trams for the city of Liège

AUSTRALIA - Supply and maintenance of 29 Civity hybrid trains for Trasport for NSW



ALGERIA - Maintenance of metros for Algiers Metro

BRAZIL - Maintenance of EMU CPTM S/7000, 7500 & 8000

CHILE - Maintenance of pneumatic & fully automated metros for Metro Chile

MEXICO - Maintenance of Suburbano Mexico and Metro Mexico Line 12

NEW ZEALAND - Maintenance of Auckland Transport EMU

SAUDI ARABIA - Maintenance of SRO and SAR push-pull trains

SPAIN - Maintenance of S/120 & S/121 high-speed trains

SPAIN - Maintenance of EMU s/446 & CIVIA trains

SPAIN - Maintenance of Metro Madrid S/3000 & S/8000

UK - TSSSA contracts for Northern, Transpennine & West Midlands franchises



ARGENTINA - Control Centre for Roca Line

BELGIUM - Signalling System and Control Centre for Liège Tramway

BULGARIA - Signalling System for NRIC

CHILE - Signalling System and CTC for EFE

EGYPT - Signalling and Telecommunication for ENR

MEXICO - Signalling System and control centre for SCT

MOROCCO - Signalling and Electrification Control System for ONCF

NEW ZEALAND - ETCS & ATO on-board systems for Auckland Transport

SPAIN - Signalling, CTC System and Telecommunication for ADIF - Signalling and Telecommunication for FEVE - SCADA and Signalling System for Metro Madrid - Signalling works for ETS

TAIWAN - Signalling System and Control Centre for Kaohsiung Municipality

TURKEY - Antalya Light Rail System - Telecommunication Signalling and Electrification System, Pamukova-Kösekoy - Signalling and Control Centre



AUSTRALIA - Control, traction & Freedrive energy storage systems for Newcastle tram

BELGIUM - Control & traction systems for Brussels metro

CHINA - Control & traction systems for Changzhou tram

ECUADOR - Control & traction systems for Quito metro

ESTONIA - Control, traction & Evodrive energy storage systems for Tallinn Tram

INDONESIA – Control & traction systems for PT INKA-LRT Jabodebek

ITALY - Control & traction chain modernization for dual electric locomotives Trenitalia NETHERLANDS - Control & Communication for NS - Nederlandse Spoorwegen

SOUTH AFRICA - Full traction chain for AC diesel-electric locomotives

SPAIN - Control, traction & Freedrive energy storage systems for Granada, Seville & Zaragoza trams

SWEDEN - Control & traction systems for Stockholm tram

TAIWAN - Control, traction & Freedrive energy storage systems for Kaohsiung Tram

UK - Control, traction & Freedrive energy storage systems for Birmingham tram

UNITED STATES - Control & traction systems for Purple Line, Maryland



AUSTRALIA - Design and construction of the signalling, communications, energy, catenary systems and maintenance depot for Parramatta Light Rail - Project management and construction by means of a local company of a maintenance depot for NSW regional trains.

LUXEMBOURG - Drafting of the project, supply, installation and commissioning phase of the rapid charge system (SCIE) for Luxembourg Tram

MAURITIUS - Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the signalling, SAE and TSPS systems in Mauritius Metro Express project

MEXICO - Project and Technical Management of the interurban Mexico-Toluca railway construction TAIWAN - Integration Engineering of Kaohsiung Tram’s project


Innovations in 2019:

Spanish projects:



European projects:

FINE 1 (S2R - H2020), X2RAIL 1 (S2R- H2020), X2RAIL 2 (S2R-H2020), PIVOT (S2R-H2020), IMPACT 2(S2R-H2020), X2RAIL 3 (S2R- H2020), PINTA 2 (S2R - H2020), CONNECTA 2 (S2R - H2020), FR8RAIL 2 (S2R- H2020), PLASA 2 (S2R -H2020)

Areas All over the world.

Certifications Certification: Business System Management according to:
Quality: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO TS 22163:2017.
Environment: ISO 14.001:2015.
Health & Safety: OSHAS 18.001.
Safety: EN 50126-1:2017, EN 50126-2:2017 and Regulación UE 402/2013.
Corporate Social Responsability: ISO 26000
Information Security Management System: ISO 27001
The certification is applicable to the design, manufacture, after sales service, repair, maintenance and vehicle and bogie tests.

Net revenues (CAF Group 2019): Net consolidated turnover amounts to 2,598 million Euro.
Order volume (CAF Group 2019): The order backlog is 9,446 million Euro.
Results (CAF Group 2019): The Company´s Profit before Corporate Tax hit: 61 million Euro.
The Net Year Profit after Corporate Tax was reported at: 63 million Euro.
Ebitda (CAF Group 2019): At December 2018 the EBITDA Margin stood at: 244 million Euro.
Activities Mechanical construction, Rolling stock and traction equipment, Maintenance, Others, Signalling, Telecommunication.
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