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Postal address Calle Astronomía, N.1, Torre 3.
Planta 9ª, Módulo 7 y 8.
41015 (Seville)
Telephone +955 887 902 / +652 755 198 / +663 140 283   E-mail Web  
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Management team

CEO: Alicia Raigón Pleguezuelos.

Activity Specialized railway training and consulting.
Main products and services

Créate HR is a railway and business training consultant approved since 2009 by the State Agency for Railway Safety (AESF) of the Ministry of Public Works. For more than a decade, its main mission is to help and train the best professionals in the sector, providing the necessary training to obtain and maintain the different qualifications for railway personnel, as well as all kinds of technical and specific training in this field.

The center offers an In Company training methodology -face-to-face, distance and online-, for Courses for infrastructure personnel (Traffic safety driver, Infrastructure machinery operator, Works manager, Recycling of qualifications, etc.); Courses for circulation personnel (Circulation Manager, Circulation Assistant, etc.); Courses for train operations personnel (Load Operations Manager, Cabin Assistant, Shunting Vehicle Operator and Train Operations Assistant); Driving Courses / Drivers (License and Driving Diploma); Courses for personnel responsible for rolling stock maintenance control; Electrification Courses (Basic electrification, voltage cuts in overhead contact line (L.A.C.) and in Substations (SS.EE.) and Technical courses for companies (Work at height, in confined spaces, PRL, maintenance of railways, etc.).

Among the novelties that it has incorporated in 2023, are the informative workshops for professionals in the sector. These are webinars/explanatory sessions to address topics of interest, complementary to the railway courses, in order to face the upcoming challenges from the excellence of its professionals and the training of its students.

Quality, experience and commitment are the differential values of Créate HR. Its highly qualified team of teachers offers innovative and personalized training, as well as continuous advice over time.


Top products: TRAINING AND CONSULTING SERVICE: 1. Training for railway qualifications. 2. Technical training for companies.


Areas A Coruña, Albacete, Barcelona, Bilbao, Huelva, León, Madrid, Palencia, Seville and Valencia.

Créate HR has an ADIF collaboration agreement for the use and transfer of all its nationally approved facilities. This allows them to adapt to the needs of their clients, both in terms of training and the dates, times and places of the courses.

Certifications Quality and Environment:

ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System)
Certificate issued by Intertek

Issuance: 21-02-2020 Validity: 21-02-2024

ISO 14001: 2015 (Environmental Management System)
Certificate issued by Intertek

Issuance: 21-02-2020 Validity: 21-02-2024

Activities Training, certification, research, Engineering and consulting.
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