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Postal address Santa Catalina Micaela esquina c/ Arroyo de los Pos
E-28050 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 243 88 55   E-mail Web  
Other addresses
Postal address C/ Industria, 5. Planta 3, oficina 12.
E-41927 Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla. Spain

Company data
Management team

General Manager: Jose Antonio Cárabe Álvarez.

Activity Specialized railway training and consultancy.

Main products and services

-    Training in Railway Qualifications:
-    Infrastructure: Work Manager, Traffic Safety Pilot, Infrastructure Machinery Operator, Validations, Authorization Recoveries, Recycling, Vehicle Scope Extensions.
-    Train Operations: Maneuver Vehicle Operator (OVM), Train Operations Assistant (AOT), Cargo Operations Manager (ROC), Cabin Assistant (ACB) and Recycling
-    Railway Driving: Railway Driving License and Railway Driving Diploma.
-    Circulation: Head of Circulation, Circulation and Recycling Assistant.
-    Electrification: Basic Electrification, Power Outage Electrification, Substations, Area Extensions and Recycling.
-    ADIF Technical Instructions
-    ORP training and technical courses for companies
-    Training in the Telco area: Telco Electrical Risk, Telco Operations, Telco1 and Telco2 Heights, Confined Spaces, Recycling Telco1, Telco 2, Confined Spaces.
-    ORP training approved agreement TPC and TPM
-    Legionella and Phytosanitary official training: initial legionella, legionella 1st and 2nd legionella update, basic and qualified phytosanitary.
-    Practical training in handling machinery (forklifts, platforms, bridge crane, backhoe, telescopic handler, gantry crane....)
-    Face-to-face training tailored to any area
-    Online training: we have an extensive catalogue.


Top products: TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, RESEARCH: 1. Training in Railway Qualifications and Railway Driving Titles. 2. ORP training and technical courses for companies.


Activities by year

Activities in 2023:
More than 800 students trained in the different railway ratings.
ForAvant is the training center with the highest percentage of passes in the ADIF exams. Our courses are designed to facilitate optimal learning for the student, offering support with numerous videos, tutorials, reviews, on-track practices, offering a proven professional training offer of the highest quality, including preparation for the practical exam.
Proof of this is the trust placed by more and more companies hiring our services on an ongoing basis and the excellent results in the ADIF exams, obtaining a 90% pass rate in both the theoretical and practical exams in all ratings.

Areas The entire national territory.

FORAVANT has a collaboration agreement with ADIF for the use of spaces, facilities and means for training, which allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients throughout the national territory.

Certifications ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
Activities Training, certification, research.
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