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Postal address Avenida Hacienda San Antonio, 1
Polígono Industrial El Pino
E-41016 Sevilla. Spain
Telephone +34 954 67 74 80 Fax +34 954 99 97 28 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

CEO: Roberto Recuerda. Railway Market Manager: Gonzalo Barea


Main products and services

HVAC Systems for Railway Vehicles (train, metro and tramway)


Top products: AIR ACONDITIONING EQUIPMENT: 1. Saloon HVAC S204: Range EMU/Regional trains/LRV. 2. The Hispacold eco3 air purifier


Activity HVAC equipments for Railway systems

Activities by year

Activities by year: HVAC projects for:

- Regional trains of New South Wales (Australia)

- LRV Dockland (United Kingdom)

- DMU Szeged (Hungary)

- LRV Manila (Philippines)

- TransPennine EMU (United Kingdom)

- Metro Amsterdam (Holland)

- Metro Naples (Italy)

- Metro Quito (Ecuador)

- Metro Barcelona (Spain)

- Railway Articulated Unit Schönbuch (Germany)

- Jerusalem Tram (Israel)

- Parramatta Tram, New South Wales (Australia)

- Birmingham Tram, extension order (United Kingdom)

- Oslo Tram, extension order (Norway)

- Timisoara Tram (Romania)

- Basel Tram (Switzerland)

- Tranvía Augsburg (Germany)

- Amsterdam Tram (Holland)

- De Lijn Tram (Belgium)

- Vitoria Tram (Spain)

- Mauritius Tram (Mauritius Islands)

- Oslo Tram (Norway)

- Lund Tram (Sweden)

- Lugano Tram (Sweden)


Development of a HVAC system for Regional Train of New South Wales (Australia), with high efficiency, ultralightweight and reduced dimensions for roof mounting. Electronic, temperature and CO₂ sensors for optimized electrical consumption, advanced microprocessor controller and maintenance software included in the unit.

Areas Hispacold HVAC Systems are running in more than 100 countries in the five continents.

Certifications Certifications: Management System ISO 9001:2008
Welding of Railway Vehicles and components EN 15085 Level Cl 1
OSHAS 18001:2007
Quality and Environment: Management System ISO 14001:2004

Turnover 46.8 million Euros
No. of employees 213
R&D Investment 7%
Activities Air conditioning equipment.
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