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Postal address Paseo de la Castellana, 280 - 3ª Pl.
E-28046 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 456 58 50 E-mail Web
Company data
Management team

CEO: Javier Pérez Fortea. General Counsel: José Gómez de Barreda Tous de Monsalve. Railways Director: Daniel Quintero Martínez


Main products and services


Highways and Railways.


Top products: OPERATORS: 1. Metro de Sevilla. 2. Barcelona Trams. 3. Metros Ligeros de Madrid. 4. Tranvía de Parla



Activity Transport infrastructure concessions Management. The company manages 25 assets in 7 countries.

Activities by year

Activities / Innovations in 2019:  

2019 was undoubtedly marked by the major milestone achieved by Globalvia: to become the world leader in the infrastructures sector in terms of Sustainability (ESG aspects - Environmental, Social and Governance) on the GRESB rankings (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark).

Globalvia achieved two leading positions being ranked first in the global Transport Infrastructures category, competing with a total of 393 entities, and as Motorway Manager lined up against 22 other competitors (Class and Superclass as per the rankings published by GRESB). Globalvia scored an overall 93 points out of 100.

These results prove Globalvia´s commitment to sector leadership, endorsing the efforts by the entire team who work to provide our customers with the very best services while promoting the very highest standards of quality.

But 2019 was also the year of innovation at Globalvia. Throughout the whole year we worked on some interesting initiatives, projects and activities with the aim of providing new mobility services through a digital infrastructure in a collaborative ecosystem to improve the user experience. The objective of this was to respond to Globalvia´s challenges, needs and business opportunities, and to maximize the value of our assets.

>> Globalvia´s Concessions have been through some significant moments this year:

Globalvia secured the operation and maintenance contract for the toll-free ring road motorways in the Metropolitan Area of Dublin for an initial period of 5 years with the possibility of extending it to 8 years with a controlling majority.

Globalvia holds 40.4% of Itínere through the acquisition of the shares that were still held by Abanca and VidaCaixa for the total amount of 3.35 million Euros.

M45 Conservación, the Concessions operator in Madrid, was acknowledged for its commitment to Occupational Health and Safety by the Regional Authorities of Madrid, in its efforts to reduce occupational accidents by improving Occupational Health and Safety conditions.

Metro de Sevilla and Tranvías de Barcelona celebrated their tenth and fifteenth anniversaries, respectively. And both of them had cause to celebrate, with record numbers of passengers since operations began: Metro de Sevilla with nearly 17 million, and TRAM with 29.8 million fares.

>> In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, other significant milestones were achieved:

The Sustainable Development Goals were integrated in Globalvia´s sustainability strategy over the next three years. Globalvia’s Sustainability Committee and the Company’s employees defined the 5 SDG´s that Globalvia will officially work towards at all levels of the Company through commitment and effort: Quality Education (4), Gender Equality (5), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9) and Climate Action (13). Furthermore, Globalvia continues to adhere to the #COMPAIES4SDGs campaign to promote knowledge, dissemination and fulfilment of the SDGs at world level.

One of our most notable projects in 2019 was joining ADECCO’s #ConstruyendoUnFuturo [Building A Future] project and setting up our first Corporate Volunteer Program. Through this project, we achieved a two-way objective: to train people with intellectual disabilities as technical personnel for renovations and refurbishing and to contribute to restoring real areas with specific improvement requirements.

Globalvia set up a cooperation project with the AdEla Association, an entity that helps people affected by ALS and other motor neuron diseases. This project falls within the Company’s CSR star program “Contigo, 1=2” [Together, 1=2], through which collaborators and Globalvia will contribute donations over the next two years (2020-2021) to this organization that was chosen by all of us.

Areas United States / Spain / Chile / Mexico / Costa Rica / Ireland / Portugal

Certifications Quality: ISO 9001
Environment: ISO 14001
Health and Safety at Work: OHSAS 18001
Passengers Transport: UNE-EN 13816
Energy Management Systems: ISO 50001
Carbon Footprint: ISO 14064
Compliance Management Systems: ISO 19600
Sustainability Report: Consolidated Non-Financial Information Report
Corporate Social Responsibility: Compliance with the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact.
GESB - Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark 2019: Globalvia, world leader on the GRESB Sustainability Index. The Company holds two leading position in Transport Infrastructures, competing with a total of 393 entities and Motorway Manager competing with 22 competitors (Class and Superclass as per the classification published by GRESB). In general, Globalvia has obtained a score of 93 out of 100 which it is positioned as a leader in all the rankings in which it applies

Share capital 586.5 million Euro
Net revenues Equity: 1.652 million Euro
No. of employees more than 1.900
Activities Operators, Others.
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