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Postal address Tax Domicile and Headquarters
Anabel Segura, 11
Edificio A – 3 Pl. Oficina B1
E-28108 Alcobendas. Madrid. Spain
Company data
Management team

CEO and Managing Director: José Miguel Gutiérrez Díaz. Sales Manager: José Luís Santos Díez. OCS Manager: Hugo Menéndez Fernández. Installations Manager: Alvaro Alvarez Fernandez. Product Manager: Carmen Robles Hernández. Substations Manager: Jose María Robles Cuesta


Main products and services

Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) Installation and maintenance (catenary).

Assembly, connection, adjustment and testing of installations of signalling and railway safety.

Technical equipment building construction. Piping and Civil works.

Remote control of catenary disconnectors.

Construction and maintenance of Traction substations and self-transformation points.

Mounting of electrical drives of needle Electrical blade drive assembly.

Fibre optic and copper cable laying.

Cable laying, joints and connections execution.

Management of railway facilities in workshops and warehouses.

Automation and control installations.

Medium-voltage lines, transformation facilities, low voltage distribution and lighting.

Temperature control in technical facilities (tHerma ).

Catenary and railway Surveying (tCat ).

Switch point heater system (tElphe ).

Industrial installations maintenance.

Mining and tunnelling communication systems. Research and Engineering,

R&D and Innovative projects.


Top products: INFRAESTRUCTURE: 1. tCat. 2. tElphe



Activity Design, construction, assembly, commissioning and maintenance of electrification facilities, signaling and installations of railway safety, electrical substations, telecommunications, Rail Smart Grid, IoT, automation of processes, electrical and electromechanical systems.

Activities by year

Activities in 2019:

*Rigid Catenary Electrification Line 2 Metro Lima. Peru

*Installation and maintenance of the self-transformation centers and energy and power line remote control for the Pedralba – Orense section in Madrid – Galicia High Speed Line.

*Integral management of the civil protection installations in the tunnels of the High Speed Line between Madrid – Barcelona – French boder.

*Electrification of the railway line Guillarei – Tui.

*Ancillary Power line Substation for the self-transformation points in the section Madrid – Barcelona in the Madrid – Barcelona – French boder High Speed Line. And traction substation 301 Torrejon de Velasco in Madrid – Albacete – Alicante High Speed Line.

*Maintenance Project for the traction substations, self-transformation centers and energy and power line remote control for the High Speed Line Monforte del Cid – Murcia.

*TIUC communication system implementation for CrossRail Project (UK).

*OLE and associated systems construction for Valladolid-León y Venta de Baños Burgos High Speed Line.

*Traction Substations and associated self-transformation points, energy and power line remote control for Valladolid-León and Venta de Baños-Burgos High Speed Line.

*Security devices installation in the Soutomaior-Pontevedra-Portela High Speed line, Atlantic Corridor.

*OLE maintenance for ADIF and ADIF RAM

*Maintenance of Security and Communication network of Tunnels in ADIF’s Conventional Railway network. Lot Northwest.

*Maintenance of OLC High Speed Line Madrid-Castilla la Mancha-Valencia-Murcia.

*Construction and maintenance of the security and civil protection installations for the tunnels in Madrid – Galicia High Speed line. Section: Zamora – Pedralba de la pradería.

* Contact wire renewal plan and installation of burglary protection system. Catalonia.

*Management and maintenace of the communication wiring network. Lot 7 Northwest operations subdirection.

*Installation and set up Works for the optic fiber network. Lot 2 and 4 R.E.E.

*Civil Works and laying of optic fiber for the line Medina del Campo-Salamanca-Fuentes de Oroño. Section Salamanca – Fuentes de Oroño. Joint venture Enyse-Cobra.

*OLE and third rail installation for testing line. Corella. Navarra. CAF Turnkey & Engineering.

*Subtstation extensión. Testing track. Zaragoza.

*Electrical point heaters. Ermua new station.

*Construction of the facilites for Leon’s railway integration.


Innovations in 2019:

*Recovery and use of energy from the vibrations produced by railways (REVIFE).

*Development system for characterization of railway infrastructure by LIDAR image.

*Electrical point heater solution, high performance in efficiency, availability and system versatility.

*Application development and integration of Web-based computing, and local electrification infrastructure.

*Development of a CAD environment for OCS design and calculation.

*Examination of possible fault conditions related to train detection and / or broken rail equipped with track circuits.

*Intelligent Tunnel lighting.

*Real time location System (RTLS) in areas without GPS coverage (tunnels, mines, buildings, etc.)

*SCADA for central control of point heater

*Heat Transfer simulations in switch heater system / Control algorithm development.

*Software management design for vehicle electric charging.

*Intelligent drive design and development controller for OCS interaction.

*Local operation facility and disconnectors remote Control System LAC.

*Energy efficiency in rail safety signals Capturing light using optical fiber.

*Fusion lamp in high detection signals.      

Areas Spain, Norway, United Kingdom, Portugal, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Canada, USA
Certifications Certifications:Quality management system certificate: According to the norm UNE - EN ISO 9001:2000 (ER-0186 / 1996). Environmental Management System Certificate: according to the norm UNE - EN ISO 14001:2004 (GA-2005 / 0302). R & D I Management System Certificate: according to the norm UNE 166002 (IDI-0006/2009). Occupational Risk Prevention System Certificate: according to the OHSAS Norma 18001:1999 (PRL-0091/08). Information Security Management System Certificate: According to the norm UNE ISO/IEC 27001:2007 (SI-0046/2009).br>
Turnover (2019): ≈12.000.000 Euros
No. of employees (2019): ≈105
R&D Investment (2019): ≈620.000 Euros
Activities Electrification, Electronic traction, Auxiliary electric equipment, Engineering and consulting, Maintenance, Others, Signalling, Telecommunication.
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