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Postal address Main Office:
Av. del Camino de Santiago, 50
E-28050 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 417 98 00   E-mail Web  
Other addresses
Postal address Branch offices:
Orense, 11 - 4ª Planta
E-28020 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 555 52 00  
Avda. Luís de Morales, 32 .Edificio Fórum - 5ª Planta Módulo 4
E-41005 Seville. Spain

Telephone +34 95 453 42 50  
Postal address CATALONIA / ARAGÓN
Plaza de Gala Placidia, 1 and 3 - 8ª Planta
E-08006 Barcelona. Spain

Telephone +34 93 415 31 61  
Orense, 11 – 4ª Planta
E-28020 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 597 31 20  
Clariano, 32 – 1º - Pta. 2
E-46021 Valencia. Spain

Telephone +34 96 361 28 09  
Wenceslao Fernández Flórez, 1 - 1º A
E-15005 La Coruña. Spain

Telephone +34 881 05 65 19  
Postal address MACHINERY POOL
C/ San Nicolás, 18
E-09280 Pancorbo, Burgos. Spain

Telephone +34 947 35 40 85  
Company data
Management team

Sole Director: José Maria Aguirre Fernández; Production Manager: Antonio Álvarez-Cedrón Hernández; Technical and Studies Manager: José Manuel Díez Roncero; Administration and Finance Manager: Manuel Rodríguez Huerta; Human Resources and General Services Manager: Carlos Covo Vicente; Machinery Manager: Javier Del Río Urra; Compliance Manager: María Díaz Suárez; Risk Prevention, Quality and Environment Manager: María Rincón Fernández.

Activity Construction of civil and building works (Specialised in railway infrastructure and superstructure).

Main products and services

CONSTRUCTION: Railway systems, highways, hydraulic works, buildings, urban developments, environmental works and gas pipelines. Latest railway technology, specialised in construction, renewal, conservation and maintenance of railway infrastructures. Central pool of machinery with its own turn-out in Pancorbo (Burgos). 

Top products: INFRAESTRUCTURE: 1. Remodeling of tracks at the Chamartín station / Extension of HS tracks and passenger building at Chamartín station. MAINTENANCE: 2. Maintenance of track superstructure and platform on railway lines. TRACK: 3. Leaders in Railway Superstructure Works. TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, RESEARCH: 4. Carbon footprint registry.


Activities by year

Main Railway Works:



High Speed Railway Line Madrid – Barcelona – French Border: Section: Trinidad Junction - Montcada (Barcelona) / Track assembly line Figueres – Perpignan; High Speed Railway Line Madrid – Castilla la Mancha - Levante - Murcia: Section: Olalla – Arcas del Villar / Section: Buñol – Cheste / Section Albacete – Alpera bypass / Section: Monforte del Cid - Aspe (Alicante) / Track assembly Section: Gabaldón - Siete Aguas / Track assembly Section: Monforte del Cid – Túnel de Callosa; High Speed Railway Line Madrid - Valladolid: Section: Tres Cantos – Colmenar Viejo / Guadarrama tunnels sections 3 and 4 / Track assembly Section: Segovia - Fuente de la Cruz; High Speed Railway Line North - Northwest Corridor: Section: Ponte Ambia – Taboadela (Orense) / Section: Prado - Porto (Orense) / Track assembly Section: Olmedo - Pedralba de la Pradería; High Speed Railway Line Valladolid – Burgos - Vitoria: Section: Valladolid - Burgos and Venta de Baños - Palencia, subsection: Venta de Baños junction (Palencia) / Track assembly Section: Quintana del Puente – Estépar; High Speed Railway Line Valladolid – Venta de Baños – Palencia – León: Section: South access to Palencia / Track assembly Section: Villada – León; High Speed Railway Line Vitoria – Bilbao - San Sebastián: Section: Durango – Amorebieta - Etxano (Vizcaya); High Speed Atlantic Railway Line: Section: As Maceiras - Redondela (Pontevedra) / Track assembly Section: Vigo Urzaiz - Soutomaior (Pontevedra); High Speed Railway Line Antequera - Granada: Section: Bobadilla Junction – Antequera / Track assembly Section: Antequera – Loja / Antequera High Speed station; High Speed Railway Line Madrid – Extremadura. Track assembly Section: Plasencia – Cáceres / Track renewal. Section: Monfragüe – Plasencia / Track assembly Section: Mérida By-pass; High Speed Railway Line Madrid – Sevilla: Infrastructure improvement works. Section B: Yeles – Guadalmez / Remodelling of tracks at the Puertollano station; Extension and remodelling of the high-speed railway tracks and the passenger building at Chamartín station.


High Speed Railway Line Madrid - Sevilla: Section: Madrid – Adamuz; High Speed Railway Line Madrid - Barcelona - French Border: Section: Madrid – Zaragoza High Speed Railway Line Madrid - Toledo: Section: La Sagra - Toledo; High Speed Railway Line Madrid - Valladolid: Sections: Madrid – Valladolid and Olmedo – Medina del Campo; High Speed Railway Line Madrid – Castilla la Mancha - Levante - Murcia: Sections: Madrid – Valencia and Gabaldón – Albacete – Alicante - Murcia; High Speed Railway Line Madrid - Galicia: Section: Olmedo – Pedralba de la Pradería.


ADIF: Section: Castellbisbal/Papiol to Mollet San Fost Adaptation of Iberian Gauqe to International Gauge for both traffics / Track renewal, instalation phase. Section: Villar de Chinchilla-Alpera-Almansa. Madrid-Alicante Line / Mediterranean Corridor. Section: Castellbisbal - Murcia. Subsections: Sant Vicenç de Calders – Tarragona – Nudo de Vilaseca and Fuente de San Luis - Almussafes / Remodelling of tracks and platforms at the Chamartín station (Madrid) / Remodelling of tracks and catenary in the Atocha – Recoletos – Chamartín tunnel / Track renewal. Section: Plasencia del Monte – Ayerbe / Infrastructure improvement works Monforte – Orense Line. Sections: 009+059 -019+798 and 036+524 – 046+229 / Track duplication. Section: Astillero – Orejo.


ETS: Infrastructure and trackwork for Loiola-Herrera section in Lasarte-Hendaya Line / / Vitoria Tram System. Section: Abetxuko. 2nd Phase / Works to execute track superestructure construction Project for Bilbao metro line 3. Section 2; GISA: Metro de Barcelona: Track and catenary works of the new L9 of Metro de Barcelona, Section: Terminal South to Ensanche Norte; Metro de Barcelona: Track renewal in line 5. Section: Sagrera – Horta / Track renewal in line 4. Section: Barceloneta – Verdaguer / Track renewal in line 5. Section: Ernest Lluch - Cornellá; Metro de Madrid: Trackworks on line 12. Section 1: Los Espartales - San Nicasio / Track maintenance. Section 1: Sacedal / Track renewal in line 8. Section: Colombia – Pinar del Rey / Track renewal in line 5. Section: Callao – Ópera.


ADIF: Railway, infrastructure and corrective interventions treatment plan, in lines with iberian track gauge Period: 01/01/2012 - 31/12/2017 Sections A3 GM Madrid-Sur, C3 GM Valladolid and B2 GM Tarragona / Railway, infrastructure and corrective interventions treatment plan, in lines with iberian track gauge (MIV) Period: 01/01/2018 - 31/08/2021 Sections: 1 - Centro, 3 - Norte and 4 – Noreste / Railway, infrastructure and corrective interventions treatment plan, in lines with iberian track gauge (MIV) Period: 01/09/2021 - 31/08/2023 Sections: 5 - Centro and 2 – Norte.


POLAND: Line 1: Modernisation of railway line L1 Section: Koluszki – Czestochowa / Line E30: Section: Krzeszowice-Krakow Mydlniki / Line E20/CE20 Modernisation of railway line Siedlce, Lukow and Medzyrecz / Line 226: Construction project for the improvement of the railway access to the Gdansk port / Line 8: Modernisation of Line 8. Section: Warszawa Okęcie – Radom (LOT A, B, F) / Line 131: Project and Works: Modernisation of Line 131. Section: Bydgoszcz-Chorzòw Batory / Line 311: Modernisation of railway line 311. Section: Jelenia Góra - Szklarska Poreba Górna.
USA: Dulles Corridor. Phase 2 Lot B / Workshops and garages. Station of Wachusett and depot facilities located in Westminster - Massachusetts.
CANADÁ: Parking base Lincolnville / Installation of 12.5 km of double track and maintenance base in Ottawa.
COLOMBIA: Railway repair of sections Bogotá-Belencito, La Caro-Zipaquirá and Bogotá-Facatativá.
FRANCE: Toulouse Underground / Gauge changing facilities in Cerbere / Roissy Underground / Montpellier Tramway / Track renewal in Fideac – Bagnac / Renewal of catenaries Paris - Lyon.
ITALY: Turin Underground.
PORTUGAL: Station of Ermesinde / Porto da Figuera da Foz / Duplication and Electrification of section Cete Peñafiel / Mondengo Underground / Station of Coimbra.


Areas Spain.
Certifications System certification:
Quality Management System Certificate: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, AENOR ER-0459/1995.
Environmental Management System Certificate: UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015. AENOR GA-1999/0010.
Criminal Compliance Management System Certificate: UNE-EN ISO 19601:2017. AENOR GCP-2020/0006.
Energy Management System Certificate: UNE-EN ISO 50001:2018. LLOYD´S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE ESPAÑA, S.L.U. Certification no. 10376177.
Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate: BUSTIO SERVICIOS DE AUDITORÍA, S.L.:- LEGAL AUDIT. Certification no. 28 / 2023 / DNV GL BUSINESS ASSURANCE ESPAÑA, S.L.U.: ISO 45001:2018 Certification no. C535449.
R&D&i Management System Certificate: UNE 166002:2021, AENOR IDI-0002/2007.
Declaration of Verification of Greenhouse Emissions Reporting of 2022: LLOYD´S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE ESPAÑA S.L.U.: ISO 14064-1:2018. LRQA Reference: SGI 6013190.
Registration Certificate for VIAS with the Footprint Register, CO2 compensation and absorption project of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge with the awarding of the ´Calculo` [Calculation] mark 2022 (Code 2023- a2070) and ‘Compenso‘ 2022. Codes: 2023-c255.
Voluntary Cancellation of Emissions 2023 Certificate: UNITED NATIONS. According to the voluntary Cancellation Procedure in the MDL Registry. Reference: VC30588/2023.
BIM Management System Certificate: UNE-EN ISO 19650-2:2018 Certification no. CNF 800097.

Turnover Vias Group: 600.07 million Euros.
No. of employees Vias Group: 1,753 employees.
Share capital 23.74 million Euros.
R&D Investment 1.52 million Euros.
Equity 44.42 million Euros.
Activities Infraestructure, Electrification, Electronic traction, Maintenance, Operators, Others, Track.
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