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Postal address Poeta Joan Maragall, 9
E-28020 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 598 37 60 Fax +34 91 555 13 41 E-mail Web
Other addresses
Postal address Campo Volantín, 24 - 3º
E-48007 Bilbao. Spain

Telephone +34 94 413 26 60 Fax +34 94 413 26 62 E-mail Web
Postal address Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 645 Entresuelo 3º
E-08010 Barcelona. Spain

Telephone +34 93 481 71 50 Fax +34 93 412 54 77 E-mail Web
Postal address Darwin 74 – 3er. Floor , Col. Anzures
11590 México City

Telephone (+52) 55 7045 9379Telephone móvil: (+52) 55 19 20 13 95E-mail jmunguia@pasch.esWeb
Company data
Management team

Manager: Guillermo Pasch Alonso. Director: Carlos Merten

Main products and services

BODE: Door systems and ramps for rail vehicles Voestalpine BWG: high speed turnouts, and expanders. Voestalpine Signaling Fareham: Railway infrastructure monitoring, FRAUSCHER: Wheel sensors and axle counters, acustic monitoring systems HÜBNER: interconnection gangways, bellows, Front Bumpers, outlines of elastic straps, windows, , access ramps. GMEINDER: Axle gears. VoestAlpine Track Solutions: Maintenance and welding of switches and rails. MAN: Diesel motors for railway vehicles. AKW A+V – PROTEC: Biological reactors for WC systems with extended emptying intervals (monthly, bi-monthly) RAWAG manufacturer of doors and aluminium products for passenger cars, streetcar, metro and bus. RAWIE: Buffers/railway bumpers. STEMMANN TECHNIK GMBH: Sliprings, cable reels, onshore power supply Voestalpine Signaling Siershahn: equipment for hot box detectors, wheel defect detection, pantographs detection. VOESTALPINE SCHIENEN: Vignol and grooved rails of standard quality and HSH, turnout profile, guard rails, extreme-large rails of 120 m, VAE GmbH: Rail expansion joint turnouts, Hytronics components and systems. BACKER WOLFF: turnout heating systems. GROWAG: Seats for metros, regional trains. HEMSCHEIDT: Anti-Roll bar, articulations, vehicle stabilisation systems and dampers, auto-levelling systems. WIKOV Gears for rolling stock

Top products: SIGNALLING: PHOENIX MDS hot box detetion system.

Activity Engineering, supply and installation of industrial equipment

Activities by year

Activities in 2019: BODE Door systems and ramps for rail vehicles. NS Sprinter trains Holland: doors and ramps for cavity. Flytoget Oslo Airport Express: doors and ramps. Delivery of Doors for Trams Szeged, Lugano and Erfurt. Voestalpine BWG Forged turnouts and conventional turnout components, forged turnouts of max. 62 m, elastic plates, HRS locks, vibration shock absorber of split sleepers, seal gaskets components etc. for express train turnouts 350 km/h; expanders for express trains 350 km/h. FRAUSCHER: Installation of FTS System between Miranda del Ebro and Burgos for ADIF. Supply of FAdC R2 axle counters for Bandirma (Turquey), Camarillas (ADIF),Buñol-Utiel (ADIF), Line Murciacargas (ADIF), Hernani- Irún (ADIF) Tram Liege  GMEINDER  Axle gears for 12 RAPT Locomotives in Paris and spare parts for Renfe. MAN Spare parts for Power engines for diesel motors CAF Renfe S. 599, S598 and S594 Contract for the supply of 40 motors for the S589. HÜBNER Gangway systems for CAF: Metro de Mexico L1, Quito L1, Bruselas, Amsterdam; for Urbos Maryland, Camberra, Schönbuchbahn, Utrecht Ext, Budapest, Luxemburg, Estocolmo, De Lijn; Regional Trains with Front-End Westmidlands y Caledonian; Gangway systems for Alstom Metro Panama L1 y Linea 2; and Citidadis Sidney, Lusail; Gangway systems for Stadler FGV 4100; Windows systems for LRV Freiburg y Karlsruhe, Front Bumper for Urbos Urbos Amsterdan y DeLijn  .  AKW A+V Protec Bioreactors for CAF for NS-Train RAWAG  Cabin doors for UK Northern EMU/DMU, Cabin doors for Abril F070 High Spped. RAWIE: buffers for new access to the port of Barcelona and Makkah depot (Arabia) STEMMANN TECHNIK GMBH: On-Shore Power Supply on ports of La Gomera, La Palma, Tenerife Voestalpine Signaling Siershahn Hot box detection systems for midths of way in Corredor Mediterráneo, supply of impact detection systems on track for High Speed Barcelona-Figueras and Tarragona-Vandellós. Supply of hot box Teletrack for ADIF conventional line. Maintenance of hot box detection systems in High Speed and conventional Speed ADIF lines.  VOEST ALPINE SCHIENEN, Supply of rails for turnout manufacturers in Spain. BACKER WOLFF Turnout heating equipments for High Speed and conventional lie ADIF.  HEMSCHEIDT: Antiroll bar for projects LRV Mersey, Minsk and FGC and upper articulation for LRV Amsterdam.

Areas Spain, Portugal and Mexico.
Certifications Quality assurance certification: PASCH has the ISO 9001-2015 certification.

Share capital 328.000 Euro
Turnover 35 million Euro
No. of employees 84
Activities Components, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Maintenance, Others, Signalling, Track.
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