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Thales España GRP, SAU

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Postal address Serrano Galvache, 56
C.E. Parque Norte, Edificio Álamo
E-28033 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 273 72 00 Fax +34 91 273 78 82 Web
Company data
Management team

Transport and Security:

President: Jesús Sánchez Bargos. General Director of the Transport Division: Fernando Ortega Díaz. Director of Sales and National Business Development: Miguel Moratalla. Director of Sales and International Business Development: Ayse Bozer.

Main products and services

Principal railway sector products and services: Railway safety systems and equipment, interlocks and electronic locking, continuous automatic train control systems (ERTMS/ETCS Levels 1 and 2), CBTC radio systems with and without mobile locking, automatic spot and semi-continuous train protection systems, centralized traffic control centres, protection systems for level crossings (automatic and interlocked), traffic regulation centres, signalling systems for low-traffic lines, electrohydraulic and electromechanical switch drives, electronic axle counters, track circuits, detectors of falling objects and all types of track elements. Integration of critical supervision and control systems, fixed and mobile communication networks, video surveillance, access control, intrusion and fire detection, passenger information systems, SCADA, revenue collection and ticketing, vending equipment, ticket validation and control. Cybersecurity solutions for railway systems.


Top products: SIGNALLING: 1. Thales FieldTrac Falling Object Detector: installed in High Speed Lines of the Spanish Railway Infrastructure Administration (ADIF). 2. Thales FieldTrac Track Circuit.TELECOMMUNICATION: 3. Thales Cybertrac - Secured in Thales.




Activity Development, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems and equipment for railway signalling, control and supervision of trains and telecommunication, supervision and ticketing and security systems for critical infrastructures.

Activities by year

Activities in 2018

For the ADIF Railway Infrastructures Administrator:

- Expert technologist assistance in maintenance, provision and operational and refurbishment works on Thales technology signalling installations over a 2-year period.

- Drafting of the construction project and execution of the works for the security installations in the stabling yard of the northern zone of Barcelona Sants station; dugouts in Sant Andreu Comtal.

- Bi-directionally signalled commuter line of Seville. Current BAD with CTC (Automatic block of double track line)

- San Bernardo branching, La Negrllla branching and Tamarguillo and La Salud branching.

- Modification of the La Negrilla interlock and adapting of installations to the Automatic Pooled Blocking System with branching CTC in Tamarguillo and La Salud, Tamarguilllo-La Salud branching line.

- Provision, transport and unloading of drive motors for the railway detours of the Zamora-Pedralba section in the North-Northwest High-Speed Corridor.

- Enlargement of the Seville-Santa Justa CTC for the integration of signalling and traffic control installations of the Plasencia-Badajoz High-Speed line.

- Construction project for the signalling installations, train protection and security systems for the Madrid-Chamartín – Madrid Atocha-Torrejón de Velasco section of the Central High-Speed line and Chamartín station southern head.

- Changes in the security installations as a consequence of having modified the signalling installations on the conventional network due to the zoning of the Valladolid-León-Burgos High-Speed line; section: Quintanilleja-Burgos-Rubena branching.

- Maintenance services for fixed telecommunication installations, GSM-R mobile telecommunications, infrastructure of mobile telephony operators, central GSM-R network systems, centralized telecommunications management systems, remote control of power and remote control of line detectors of high speed: - High-Speed line Madrid-Valladolid and branch Olmedo-Medina; High-Speed line Madrid-Sevilla and Córdoba-Málaga, branch La Sagra-Toledo; High-Speed line Madrid-Valencia and Bifurcation Albacete-Albacete; High-Speed line Madrid-Barcelona-French border, Zaragoza-Huesca branch and Tarragona-Vandellós branch, CORE GSM-R central systems, Centralized telecommunications management systems for 10 years.

- Maintenance of traffic control facilities and complementary systems of the high-speed line Madrid-Castilla la Mancha-Comunidad Valenciana-Región de Murcia. Section Torrejón de Velasco-Valencia and Bifurcation of Albacete-Albacete for 2 years. 1 year contract extension.

- Maintenance of the traffic control and complementary facilities of the Madrid-Seville high-speed line, La Sagra-Toledo and Córdoba-Málaga branch for 3 years. 1 year contract extension.

- Maintenance of the traffic control and complementary facilities of the Madrid - Segovia Valladolid high speed line, during 4 years. 2 years contract extension.

- Maintenance of signaling installations, fixed telecommunications, centralized traffic control, protection and security, and train protection systems for the Orense-Santiago de Compostela section of the North-Northwest High Speed ​​corridor for a period of 40 months.

- Maintenance of interlocking facilities, train protection systems, centralized traffic control, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, GSM-R and protection and safety facilities for the section of the New High-Speed ​​Line of the Olmedo - Zamora section , of the North-Northwest High Speed ​​corridor for a period of 20 years.

- Maintenance of interlocking equipment, train protection systems, centralized traffic control system, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, GSM-R, and protection & safety facilities of the New Antequera - Granada High Speed Line for a period 20 years.

- Pre-maintenance of interlocking equipment, train protection systems, centralized traffic control system, auxiliary detection systems, fixed telecommunications, and protection & safety facilities for the New Chamartin High Speed Line section - Torrejon de Velasco Bifurcation , for a period of 1 year.

- SW Modification of all ENCEs of the Córdoba - Málaga high-speed line, in relation with the existing DCOs.
- Realization of the provisional situation of the northern head of the conventional railway line of Granada, in order to allow the construction of the new high-speed tracks.
- Atlantic axis. Modification of the  La Coruña interlocking.
 HSL Project Olmedo - Ourense:
- Modification of SIG L90 of Zamora
- Zamora Station, interlocking modification

- Hiniesta Station, new interlocking

- Commissioning of AzLM and axle counters in the new Puebla de San Julián station and the associated modifications in the Sarria and Laxosa collateral stations.
- Antequera - Granada high-speed line, three new interlocks: Antequera AV, Íllora, Granada.


For the Spanish National Railway Network, RENFE:

- Maintenance of LZB equipment for automatic s/446 train control blocking in the Madrid hub, over a 2-year period.

- Maintenance of the security and switch motorization installations for RENFE Manufacture and Maintenance BMSs and BMIs over a 4-years period.


For the Basque Railway Network / Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS):

- Maintenance of tram and railway safety installations, Lots 3 and 5.

- Signalling in new Loiola station.

- Modification of Remote Control and Euroloop in the Sondika interlock.

- BAB Usansolo – Lemoa.

- Euroloop for the signals of Usansolo – Lemoa.
- SW modification of the functionality of the Amorebieta - Zornotza interlocking.


CTB (Consorcio de Transporte de Bizkaia)/Bilbao Metro:

- Project for a Redundant system for the Centralized Control Post of Bilbao Metropolitan Railway.

- Technical assistance to the P.M.C. and to the GOT application, over a 1-year period.

- Maintenance of equipment and software in the administration and management system of the Barik card. Development and commissioning of the processes and applications required by the Barik system, over a 2-year period.


FGV (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana - Valencian Generalitat Government Railways)

- Maintenance of the signalling installations, level crossings and operational telephony of the FGV network in Alicante. Lot 1.

- New railway variant of line 1. Section FINCA ADOC (ALICANTE).


International Projects

- Refurbishment of the Signalling and Telecommunications systems on the Asyut - Nagh Hammadi line in Egypt.

- Several modifications in the MEXICO TOLUCA project: Commissioning of loop 1 for tests between Zinacantepec and Lerma.

- Maintenance of signalling and communications on the Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed line, Phase 1, Phase 4 and Phase 2 in Turkey.

- Maintenance of the signaling and communications facilities of the suburban railroad of Mexico (Buenavista - Cuatitlan), for a period of 10 years.

Maintenance of the traffic control systems of the Cairo – Alejandria corridor in Egypt.

- Dogançay-Geyve project in Turkey for the refurbishment of the signalling, interlock, ETCS systems, Field Elements and Telecommunication system. The project also includes deployment of ETCS N2 for the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed line, phase 2.

- TER Dakar project in Senegal for the implementation of the ETCS L2 signalling, CTC and telecommunications system.

- Communications systems in the Sydney Metro (North West Rail Link) in Australia.

- Turkey: Eskisehir interlocking and ETCS L1.
- Signaling and Telecommunications between Kiato - Rododafni. Greece.


Innovations in 2018:

- Design and definition of the technical requirements of the packages (MLS, ICS and PRS) included in the FP II project of the Port of Seville, including risk analysis and safety report. Once approved by the APS, the design, manufacture and installation in the Port of the corresponding models and test development will be carried out.

Areas Worldwide, mainly Europe, Latin America, Asia and North Africa. Local presence in Turkey and in Egypt.

Certifications Certification of the Quality Assurance System: Certificate number ES057536-A-1 awarded by Bureau Veritas. Environmental Management Certificate: UNE-EN ISO14001:2004 Certificate number ES057375-A-1 awarded by Bureau Veritas.

No. of employees 662 (Technical degree holders: 85%)
R&D Investment & Innovation: 8% of sales
Activities Mechanical construction, Maintenance, Signalling, Telecommunication, Track.
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